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Meet our handsome four-legged patriarchs. They are all health tested, well loved, and come completely vaccinated. Learn more about their age, pedigree, character, health profile and more below.



Waggoner's King Midas

Embark DNA Results
OFA Heart
Hips and Elbows at 2 yrs old 



Buddy Bow Shackelford

Buddy is our long time sire from Shackelford Goldens. Most who have pups from us have had Buddy as a sire. He produces excellent puppies with fantastic health and temperament.

OFA Results


moose pic_edited.jpg

Moose Fat Kid Valentine

Midas' Brother - Moose was born June 5, 2016 weights  on an average 87-90 pounds. Moose is a very energetic social butterfly. He loves to boat, swim, take long walks, play ball and of course snuggle on the couch. Moose is a gentle giant and can always sense when other animals around him are not feeling well he sticks close to their sides and tries to take care of them. Moose loves the ladies and is a true gentleman always letting them take whatever they want as long as he gets to cuddle with them



Cody Wayne Brown

Midas' Father - Cody produces large puppies with thick and full coat. They are excellent in health and temperament. Midas proved to be a quick learner, very eager to please, easy to train.

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